A half century of quality and innovation

Ideal has just celebrated 50 years as one of New Zealand’s most recognised and respected building companies.

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Ideal began in 1964 as Ideal Garaging Limited. Established by Don Mosley and Mick Elms, the company was developed to meet demand for low cost, easy to construct and attractive domestic garaging.

Local roots

Ideal’s first display yard was established in the Auckland suburb of Penrose, opposite the then newly constructed Fletcher Challenge head office. As demand increased, the company quickly outgrew this site, purchasing a larger piece of land just around the corner.

Don and Mick employed an engineer to help them design a garage range with components that were pre-fabricated in the factory environment, then erected on site by the company’s contract builders. By creating a strong engineering standard, the Ideal Garaging range of buildings became widely accepted by local councils, streamlining the building process.

Focus on quality

From the outset, the Ideal Garaging brand has stood for quality. It was always important to procure the best material while making sure the components were installed correctly, by quality tradespeople.

A key element of the design was the evolution of roof trusses, fixed together with nail plates. These would span further and were much quicker and easier to install on site. The framing was prefabricated in the factory, with rebated studs and plates giving a clean, attractive look to the garage frames.

By 1970, when Don and Mick sold the business to Sir Henry Kelleher (Dominion Breweries), the business’ fast growing reputation for cost-effective quality meant Ideal was selling more than two garages per day into the Auckland metropolitan area. 

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Nationwide growth

The next owners, Tom John and Keith Budden, both had accountancy backgrounds. They saw great potential in the business and over the next decade, built a sizeable distributor network throughout New Zealand. In the early 1980s, Tom Johns bought Keith Budden out of the business to become Ideal’s sole owner.

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Unique design

The company’s constant focus on innovation has insured Ideal remains one of New Zealand’s most trusted and respected companies in the specialist garaging and small building sector.

In 1990, Ideal released a new cladding profile, ‘Deluxe’, to the market. This innovative cladding provided a profiled metal exterior material designed to look like standard timber or fibre cement weatherboard. Continuing to focus on strong design appeal, in 1995, Ideal released the ‘Designer Series’. This range involved roof trusses of various pitches and alternative claddings to match a variety of home styles.

Eight years later, the Ideal ‘Thrifty’ garage was born. A quality, low-cost garage, the Thrifty uses graded timber, to span further with less timber, making it more cost-effective for customers.

Part of the community

In 2007, Ideal was purchased by Christchurch-based manufacturer, Spanbild Holdings Limited. Spanbild is a leader in the New Zealand residential, rural and commercial markets, creating more buildings in the country than any other.

Joining Spanbild means Ideal is part of a network of building experts. The dedicated Spanbild production facility, based in Christchurch, ensures faster delivery and quality control. The company also provides a wide range of design, engineering and customer service resources to benefit Ideal’s clients.

In 2014, Ideal celebrated half a century of quality design and production – building more than 46,000 garages and buildings across the country. Over the years, Ideal has retained its local focus and 100% commitment to New Zealand-made quality product and service