Sleepouts are an unbelievably handy and flexible space.

  • Interior of 4.15m x 2.4 sleepout showing enough room for a double bed and wardrobe, a great space for a noisy teenager !

  • 4.2m x 2.4m SleepoutEnquire About This Product

    4.2m x 2.4m Sleepout

    This 10m2 sleepout is a fantastic extra bedroom, hobby room or office that doesn't require a building consent.

  • 6m x 3.6m SleepoutEnquire About This Product

    6m x 3.6m Sleepout

    This handy sleepout is on a timber floor with a full verandah and deck, mist green superclad cladding with a karaka 6-rib roof.

  • 4.2m x 3m SleepoutEnquire About This Product

    4.2m x 3m Sleepout

    This little sleepout is perfect for your backyard, it has traditional cladding and a 6-rib profiled roof.

  • 5.4m x 4.2m SleepoutEnquire About This Product

    5.4m x 4.2m Sleepout

    This sleepout has a full length verandah and deck, it has titania superclad cladding with a karaka 6-rib roof

They can provide a quiet home office, art studio, hobby room, music room, extra bedroom for teens, guest room or even rental accommodation.

We have a selection of standard plan sleepout options or we can talk over what features you’d like in your sleepout or studio and build exactly to suit.

Suited to urban or rural sites, sleepouts and studios can include options like bathrooms and storage areas – increasing their potential value.