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Andrew Robertson
Robertson Builders 2002 Limited
100 Upper Plain Road, Masterton
(06) 379 7770
Andy Robertson is your local Wairarapa Ideal Buildings distributor offering all your design, building and installation needs.

Why Ideal Wairarapa ?

* Ideal Buildings Wairarapa is 100% locally owned and operated
* We only use high quality components and materials
* Ideal have high quality roller and sectional doors, NOT tilt doors
* We have fully qualified and licensed building practitioners on site
* We’ll make the building process a pleasure
* We’ll deliver to match your timeframe
* We’re down to earth and always accessible

We are proud winners of the following Ideal Buildings distributor awards:

2015 - Ideal Distributor of the year - Runner Up

2015 -Ideal Cottage of the year
This 2 bedroom cottage was built in Martinborough for one of our customers who needed space for an expanding family.
The cottage is a 2 storey model that achieves maximum living space on a small footprint. We are very proud of this building and glad we could help our customer and her family into their new home.

2014 - Ideal Garage of The Year
The garage was built on a heritage site and was a long term dream of the owners, who wanted a space to store their vehicles in as well as having workshop and room for the kids to hang out.
The garage is built with a strong timber frame and is clad in genuine NZ Steel Colorsteel. The garage includes a sturdy roller door as well as customised timber joinery to match the existing house on site.

If you are thinking about a new garage, carport, sleepout or cottage, feel free to call us to discuss your building requirements.

He will be happy to discuss ideas and designs to meet your needs and budget.